Throughout 2006-2007 Ian lived as part of the Eton College community as artist-in-residence, teaching and making a photographic response to that environment. The book “Eton” represents his personal reflections to his time there.

The book contains 48 duotone black and white photographs with a text by Edward Dimsdale, himself a photographic Old Etonian and writer on the aesthetics of photography. The book is hard bound with a dust jacket, is 64 pages long and measures 300mmx245mm.
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From the dustjacket.
“Eton has been photgraphed many times. More often than not, however, the perspective has been ‘outside-in’, whether the welcome visits by some of the greatest names in the history of the medium – Lazlo Moholy-Nagy and Henri Cartier-Bresson, to name but two – or rather the less welcome intrusions of the paparazzi. Paradoxically representing both inside and outside at one and the same time, this book has, in fact, far greater ambition than any of the more usual approaches.”   Ed Dimsdale

A limited edition gelatin-silver print is available, processed to full archival standards, to accompany 100 of the books each being contained in an envelope, book, envelope and print being housed in a hand made slip case.
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